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  No laboratorio você vai lá onde tem as máquinas e pode converter cartas ou colocar senhas, para ter a carta e depois aluga-la. Para converter cartas é só ir na máquina da esquerda, e colocar uma certa quantidade de carta que você quira que vira uma outra carta surpresa, no mínimo são 10. Vou colocar asseguir que carta você pode ganhar por tal carta convertida no laboratorio:

Oscillo Hero
Mystical Elf
Sword Arm of Dragon
Elemental Hero Avian
Battle Steer
Battle Ox
Mountain Warrior
Judge Man
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
Rogue Doll
Machine Conversion Factory
Alien Grey
Big Insect
Book of Secret Arts
Alien Skull
Killer Needle
Armored Lizard
Violet Crystal
Great White
Cats Ear Tribe
Dark Snake Syndrome
Beast Fangs
Spirit of the Winds
Crawling Dragon #2
Legendary Sword
Battle Warrior
Hero of the East
Weather Control
Supporter in the Shadows
Swordsman of Landstar
Toad Master
Monster Egg
Alligator Sword
Man Eater
M-Warrior #2
The Melting Red Shadow
Gazelle King of Mystical Beasts
Beastking of the Swamps
The Judgement Hand
Larvae Moth
Dark Shade
Great Moth
Lala Li-Oon
Thunder Kid
Muka Muka
Droll Bird
D.D. Warrior
Two-Mouth Darkruler
Skull Stalker
Guardian of the Labyrinth
Treasure Map
Cyber Kirin
Root Water
Nekogal #1
Mystic Swordsman LV2
Stone Armadiller
Luna Queen Elzaim
The Furious Sea King
Petit Moth
Contract with the Dark Master
Serpent Marauder
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
Mooyan Curry
White Dragon Ritual
Goblins Secret Remedy
Soul of the Pure
Red Medicine
Paladin White Dragon
Marie the Fallen One
White Magical Hat
Dungeon Worm
Rude Kaiser
Water Magician
Stone D.
Saber Slasher
Curse of the Masked Beast
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast*
Waterdragon Fairy
Ancient Elf
Beautiful Beast Trainer
Insect Queen
Bottom Dweller
Sea King Dragon
Giant Red Seasnake
Barrel Rock
Millenuum Golem
Toon Summoned Skull
Toon Mermaid
Barrel Lily
Sea Kamen
After the Struggle
Turtle Bird
The Statue of Easter Island
Manga Ryu-Ran
Boulder Tortoise
Little D
Earth Chant
Abyss Flower
Jirai Gumo
Twin Long Rods #2
Beaked Snake
Great Bill
Ultra Evolution Pill
Shining Friendship
Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Nekogal #2
Queen of Autumn Leaves
Book of Life
Spell Reproduction
Garnecia Elephantis
Neo the Magic Swordsman
Blue Medicine
Nightmare's Steelcage
The Masked Beast
Man-eating Treasure Chest
Harpie's Brother
Cyber Falcon
Oni Tank T-34
Nightmare Wheel
Magic Reflector
Soul of the Ancients
Wolf Axeweilder
Gate Guardian
Rain of Mercy
Spherous Knight
Souls of the Forgotten
Sacred Crane
Headless Knight
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
Ojama Trio
The Portrait's Secret
Master Kyonshee
The Earl of Demise
Mystic Swordsman LV 4
Staunch Defender
Miracle Kids
Chopman the Desperate Outlaw
Spirit of the Pot of Greed
D.D. Trainer
Burning Algae
Gora Turtle of Illusion
Cocoon of Evolution
Hero Spirit
Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious
Mystical Shine Ball
Warrior of Zera
Sealmaster Meisei
Destiny Hero - Doom Lord
Metal Armored Bug
Ten Thousand Needles
Piranha Army
Destiny Hero - Blade Master
Pharaoh's Servant
Pharaonic Protector
Abyssal Designator
Absorbing Kid from the Sky
Chrysalis Dolphin
Absolute End
Mighty Guard
Bokoichi the Freightening Car
Assault on HQ
Harpie Girl
Divine Dragon Excelion
Beast Soul Swap
Molten Zombie
Mirage Of Nightmare
Different Dimension Capsule
The Warrior Returning Alive
Life Equalizer
Sonic Shooter
Tail Swipe
Option Hunter
Guard Penalty
Des Koala
Success Probability 0%
Next to be Lost
Full Salvo
Generation Shift
Malice Ascendant
Karma Cut
Excavation of Mage Stones
Memory Crusher
Dark Master - Zorc
Chain Trasher
Damage Condenser
Saber Beetle
Final Coundown
Hero Kid
Magnet Circle LV2
Weed Out
Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
Simultaneous Loss
Pyramid Turtle
Shien's Spy
Hidden Book of Spell
Pot of Generosity
Dark Catapulter
Bottomless Trap Hole
Poison Fangs
Moai Interceptor Cannons
Catnipped Kitty
Big-Tusked Mammoth
Mind Haxorz
Last Will
Kunai with Chain
Penumbral Soldier Lady
Mind Wipe
Enchanted Fitting Room
Sword of the Soul-Eater
Elephant Statue of Disaster
Summoned Skull
Dust Barrier
Elephant Statue of Blessing
Destruction Ring
Gaia the Fierce Knight
Fiend's Hand Mirror
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
Jade Insect Whistle
Balloon Lizard
Blasting the Ruins
Frozen Soul
Altar for Tribute
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Despair From the Dark
Sasuke Samurai
Thunder of Ruler
Pineapple Blast
Lava Golem
Needle Ceiling
Hieroglyph Lithograph
Precious Cards From Beyond
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Bubble Crash
Twin-Headed Wolf
Victory D.
Ryu-Kishin Clown
Byser Shock
Rope of Life
Ancient lamp
Statue of the Wicked
Destruction Punch
Spirit of the Breeze
Dancing Fairy
Dramatic Rescue
The Secret of the Bandit
Wild Nature's Release
D. D. Dynomite
Nuvia the Wicked
Dimension Distortion
Necklace of Command
Order to Charge
Empress Mantis
Special Hurricane
Resurrection of Chakra
The Law of the Normal
Crab turtle
Turtle Oath
Thunder Crash
Hungry Burger
Elemental Hero Sparkman
Hamburger Recipe
Monster Reborn
Eria the Water Charmer
Wynn the Wind Charmer
Aussa the Earth Charmer
Hiita the Fire Charmer
Gravekeeper's Spy
Lady Panther
Fairy Guardian
Gravekeeper's Curse
Lightning Blade
Meteo the Matchless
Spring of Rebirth
Gravekeeper's Guard
King of Destruction - Xexex
Return of the Doomed
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
Armored Glass
Solomon's Lawbook
Queen of Fate - Eternia
Gravekeeper's Vassal
The Unhappy Maiden
Driving Snow
Gravekeeper's Watcher
Queen's Double
Phantasmal Martyrs
Restructer Revolution
Gravekeeper's Cannonholder
Witch's Apprentice
Graceful Charity
Empress Judge
Gravekeeper's Assailant
Hero Heart
Royal Knight
Enchanted Javelin
Spiritual Water Art-Aoi
Apiritual Aarth Art-Kurogane
Spiritual Wind Art-Miyabe
Spiritual Fire Art-Kurenai
Familiar Possessed-Hiita
Familiar Possessed-Wynn
Familiar Possessed-Eria
Familiar Possessed-Aussa
Machiners Force
Machiners Soldier
Machiners Sniper
Commander Covington
Miracle Restoring
Draining Shield
United We Stand
Treeborn Frog
Toy Magician
Mage Power
Injection Fairy Lily
Thunder Nyan Nyan
Cyber Dragon
Elemental Hero Aqua Neos
Elemental Hero Flare Neos
Elemental Hero Dark Neos
Neo Spacian Flare Scarab
Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin
Neo Spacian Dark Panther

  Exemplo se você converteu 10 cartas só pode virar Oscillo Hero ou  Mystical Elf ou Sword Arm of Dragon ou Sparks ou Elemental Hero Avian ou Battle Steer, mais nenhuma. Existem cartas que você só consegue no laboratorio por meio da conversão, mas se você coloca a senha dela na máquina de senhas, codigo, você também pode consegui-la. Exemplo: Monster Reborn.Ai você vê a carta que você quer ou precisa e converte um número de cartas para ter ela.

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